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December 5, 2018


by Darcy Brooks

    Let me just take a moment to tell you the one thing I want to to take away from this article: workspaces in PowerHub are cool. I'm serious.  You should be using them.


    Here's what you need to know: workspaces are an A/B testing dream come true.  They're there to help you test out your business version 2.0.  You can use them to try out new forms, create test plans, write rules, and test out new business processes before you roll them out to your portfolio and your projects.




    "Powerhub was designed to evolve with a company, workspaces is a key component of that vision. Workspaces allow you to test new ideas, try out new workflows, beta test new modules and see how it fits into you future goals. All in a safe place that doesn't impact how you are currently working" - James Pagonis, Director of Product.


    Workspaces are all about the what-ifs.  Want to know more?  Reach out.






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